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Our Professional Courses – Mentored by the Industry!

When it comes to forging a successful VFX career, you need to learn the tools of the trade, fully understand the VFX pipeline and get industry feedback on your work. Ask any graduate and they’ll tell you that it’s Escape’s industry connections that bridge the gap between training and securing your first job. We don’t just teach you the skills you need, we teach you the skills that are going to impress Double Negative, make heads turn at Framestore and get those creative bods at The Mill in a fluster.

Don’t miss out on being mentored by The Mill & Glassworks on our next set of VFX and Compositing 18-week pro courses starting 12th August 2013! - Get in touch through our registration form!

Industry Partners Mentor our Pro Courses
Our professional courses are mentored by industry partners. These include MPC, The Mill, Framestore, BlueBolt, Glassworks, amongst others. Their role is to help mentor our students at significant stages during the course; offering direct feedback on assignments, advice on creating a killer shot for your showreel and tours around their studios. These are the people you want to work for in the future, so who better to offer this valuable know-how?

FREE Webcasts With Our Pro Tutors
Discover the art of 3D VFX with our Head of 3D, Mark Spevick.
Learn what it takes to be a Compositor for VFX? Our Head of 2D, Davi Stein, explains.

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