Our Grand Day Out at Aardman

Our Grand Day Out at Aardman

On Tuesday we, our Recruitment Manager, Garreth Gaydon, and I were let out of the office for the day to go and visit Aardman! I have to say, it was awesome! Based in Bristol, it's a bit of a trek but well worth the effort. They are such a brilliant studio and it's every bit as cool as you'd imagine.

One of the things that you might not know about Aardman is that they don't just do stopframe animation like Wallace and Grommit, even though they are renowned for it. They also have three large CGI departments working in Commercials, Broadcast and film with a range of job roles from animators, TD's and compositors. 

We were lucky enough to be given a full tour of the building where we saw a familiar face.  Escapee Dan Bryan (he's the guy on the right next to Garreth) has just secured a job as junior compositor there.  He talked to us about his life as an artist at Aardman and how he drives into work everyday in his two seater convertible.  Which left me thinking about my regular, near death experiences commuting through London on my bike - maybe I'm in the wrong job afterall...

Our next Character Animation Course is starting in July and is being taught by Alex Williams, an animation legend. If you'd like to follow into Dan Bryan's footsteps and dream of a career as an animator, why not get in touch?

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  • Richard Jeffery:

    Nice article, look forward to starting the course in July!

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