Orchestra + Animation = Awesome!

Orchestra + Animation = Awesome!

Don’t you just love it when two intricate art forms collide to make something equally as wonderful as each ingredient on its own? We saw this video (above) created by students from the University for the Creative Arts, and not only did we fall in love with the computer generated imagery, but we were impressed by the fact that this animation was synchronised with a live recording of  Milhaud’s 'La Création du Monde'.

The 17 minute animation was meticulously constructed over 10 days by a team of over 90 students. The University Course leader for the BA in CG Arts & Animation was quoted as saying "There were gasps of delight from the audience as our animation ebbed, flowed and exploded in time with Milhaud's daring composition"

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Bethan Lofthouse
Wed 7 Aug 2013: 11:47am

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