Only 4% of UK games industry staff are female

Saw this article in and was a bit shocked.

Only 4% of the UK's games industry staff are female. The main reason it appears, is a culture of long hours. 43 per cent of the 450 surveyed women claimed their well-being had been negatively impacted by the amount of time spent working.

32 per cent of respondents claimed to work in excess of 45 hours a week, 22 per cent between 46 and 55 hours and 10 per cent more than 56 hours a week.

I wonder if it is just long hours that are keeping women away from the games industry...

In the classes here at Escape Studios, the proportion of women in the Visual Effects classes versus women in the Games classes is far higher, but the VFX industry is no less demanding, and in some ways less work friendly. Games industry positions tend to be full-time with a packages made of pension schemes, health insurance,  bonuses and sick pay whilst VFX is predominantly freelance work with not many extra work benefits.

Could it be that the image of the games industry and games as a whole is putting women off?

On a personal note I much prefer to have women working in a team. I found that the women I have worked with were far better art leads, more balanced and inclusive, and jolly good at organisation!

My dream of teaching a women-only games class, sadly seems quite remote.

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Simon Fenton
Thu 9 Sep 2010: 2:05pm

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  • Monstrance:

    lol! i am a woman myself and I'm definitely a minority in this industry. but i have to admit a 10 to 1 ration of men to women isn't necessarily a bad thing. not out of the girls perspective at least. i can understand why the men would like more females around though... with all that overtime there isn't much time for socializing outside of the work community:) ha ha. just kidding

    Most of the producers i work with are female (good organizing skills) so there is still a feminine touch around. Besides most girls i know are not vaguely interested in what i do. Like most guys are usually not that interested in doing the washing or dishes. There are the exceptions but we are still few and far in between. At least I'm not complaining, it suits me just fine.

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