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A couple of weeks ago we asked our friends on Twitter and Facebook where they stood on online learning versus classroom courses. The range of opinions put forward was fantastic, with arguments from both sides no doubt strong enough to sway those who like their perch on the fence.

On the online course, pros included being able to do it when and where (equipment permitting) you wanted, and for those with the motivation the consensus seemed to be that this would be an ideal way to learn. However, a number of people, including @illumicdigital, @nkdfry, @NATE_SHAW and @NEO_AMiGA pointed out that online can struggle to replicate the sense of group learning that people get from the classroom – the idea of learning from others in a similar situation, not just from the teacher at the front of the room.

@fionamator pointed out that in classroom feedback is often instantly available, whilst @kennybadex came up with an original analogy – comparing online and classroom is a bit like comparing a long distance relationship with a co-habiting one.

One area people seemed to agree on was content - it’s got to be good stuff taught by good people - but it was also interesting to see people mentioning the role of mentoring in online learning - which is what we like to hear, what with our online mentored courses. Seriously though, a number of good points were made by the likes of @pixeladdict, @fionamator and @NEO_AMiGA talking about the need for a form of interaction between students and teachers if embarking on an online course – basically, replicating that communication and feedback that comes naturally to learning in a group, but with the flexibility of online.

Are you all about face to face, or do you like to learn things at your own pace in the comfort of your own home? Is a mentored course, combining the best of both, just what you need? Does delivery really matter as long as employers value the course? This is something we’re going to come back to, so let us know what you think.

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