Online courses updated to reflect the Maya new 2011 UI

Online courses updated to reflect the Maya new 2011 UI

If you are a user of any software package you'll know that at least once a year software developers deliver an update. Autodesk's Maya 2011 was no exception. 3D users had become accustomed to Maya's UI over the last 10 years but Autodesk thought it was time for a change, enter Maya 2011. So this release brings all sorts of challenges for the diehard Maya user, it has a new interface... I hear the screams of "where did you put that" and "what on earth does this icon represent"!

The release also brought challenges to us here at Escape. We have a 90+ hour online course all with previous versions of Maya with an old interface, what on earth were Autodesk thinking off?!

Well, we embrace change here at Escape and after hours of our guys going through the entire Maya Essential course, we have updated all the relevant videos to reflect the new interface. The videos that we did not update are the ones where the functionality simply hasn't changed. So if you are an existing escapee going through Maya Essentials you should check out weeks one and four and see all the new updated content.

Anyone wanting to get to grips with the new Maya interface, Pro's, Students or Hobbyists wouldn't go far wrong in looking at the Introduction to Maya course.

We are busy creating some exciting new courses so please keep an eye out for new announcements...

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