On yer bike..

On yer bike..

I was recently asked to ride the Chiltern 100,  I’m attempting the 58 miles ride for a children’s charity at the end of May.

Now for those that know me, well, they know I am not particularly ‘active’ – I guess that’s why they ask people like me to do charity events, it’s a challenge!

However, don’t feel sorry for me - cycling has taken over my life for the past 6 weeks. I have gone from one bike ride a year (.5 miles to the shop) to 27 rides in April totalling 295.54 miles. I don’t suppose that’s far for many of you… but it is for me!

So what has the blog got to do with CG? Well, my tenuous link is there are a whole bunch of #vfx cyclists out there, not surprising I guess if people are mostly living / working in London! The image above is taken from the basement at The Mill. So right there is my link to VFX!

Part of the makeup of my recent obsession has been based on social media… With all the iPhone apps for tracking why wouldn’t you get addicted? OK maybe you have a life! With #runkeeper sending you emails telling you how well you are doing and where you are ranked in the World, it makes you want to go longer and faster!

I use iSmoothRun for logging my rides, these feed in to Twitter (@mjcass) and RunKeeper and now Fitocracy. The latter being introduced to me by @dave_A_davidson (thanks DD)! Now whilst I have not got to grips with Fitocracy yet, the forums are amazing and they are frequented by some like-minded people who simply want to help and thus far; all ego free!

So I want to thank everyone on Social Media for being my support infrastructure, who needs friends eh? I have obviously set the goal of completing the 58 miles on 27th May but also to complete 3000 miles by the end of the year and I’ll be signing up for the London to Brighton in September. All of this when I have yet to overtake another cyclist!

Another part of the obsession is the ‘gear’. With me it’s a case of ‘all the gear and no idea’ but I am genuinely trying! I filled up my shopping basket at wiggle.co.uk so many times - but never managed to check out (can’t afford it)!

My bike is a Norco Valence made by a Canadian company (est 1969), probably better known for its mountain bikes and I am very happy with the bike; although once you get in to cycling you tend to have severe bike envy. I want a £4,000 carbon bike but I can’t have one. I now have the shoes with cleats, the bib and the top! 

Of course for me there’s more than the apps and the gear, that’s all part of it but it’s truly about the ride. The ability to spend an hour or three simply riding, clearing your head from life and as a side benefit, becoming fitter. I never thought I would say that!

Without starting a cycling blog it would be great to hear from fellow roadies, but keep your bike make and model quiet as I'm sure to get jealous!

And finally, this link will take you to the rules of cycling, kindly sent to me by our CEO Dominic. You must obey these rules, seriously, I have no idea what failure to do so will mean but I am not prepared to find out.

Eat some tarmac.

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Mark Cass
Tue 8 May 2012: 9:38am

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  • Ant:

    We should have an Escape race club, form a nice peloton and do laps round Shepherds bush at lunchtime.

    I ride a Classic too and it's only Rule #5 you need to follow

  • Peter Smith:

    Welcome to the club.

    No need for jealousy on the bike front - I'm riding a Fuji Track Classic!

    Rules #2, 3, 6 and 10 are the important ones.

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