On the edge of what’s possible

On the edge of what’s possible

Being a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, chocolate and picturesque Italian landscapes, the new campaign for Galaxy chocolate naturally caught my eye. Oh, and the fact that every shot of Hepburn entails full CG face replacement might also have fuelled my curiosity!

Framestore have succeeded in bringing the iconic star back to the screen with their use of cutting edge VFX techniques in this recent ad, which was described by their VFX Supervisor, William Bartlett, as being “very much on the edge of what’s possible”.


Employing a Hepburn double, the team used FACS (facial action coding system) to record more than 70 possible facial muscle movements and also adopted a brand new renderer, Arnold, which allowed them to create the soft ‘peach fuzz’ on the face that breaks-up the perfection of a raw CG render.

Already receiving positive feedback from Hepburn fans, this one is a must-see for any VFX enthusiast. So keep a look out as it’s coming to a TV screen near you soon. Or take a preview look above. 

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