Oh crumbs! It's the ETC Biscuit World Cup semi-finals...

Oh crumbs! It's the ETC Biscuit World Cup semi-finals...

London 2012: a year of sporting valour and competiton to divide nations; of edge-of-our-seats spectacle and awe. I am speaking, of course, about Electric Theatre Collective's Biscuit World Cup (BWC)— and the suspense is such that we at Escape Studios could all do with a sit down, a nice cuppa cha and, well, a barrel of our dunkable little friends.

We've been sharing jollies with brand spanking new visual effects company ETC of Soho, the lovechild of three young VFX guys with a reputation for enhancing commercial projects through their visionary flair. And they're already doing a mighty fine job of swimming alongside the big fish in the advertising and film pond.

After the quarter-finals—which saw the nail-bitingly tense tiebreaker between the Chocolate Hobnob and the Fruit Shortcake—we now eagerly await results of the BWC's semi-finals: the Milk Chocolate Digestive Vs the Milk Chocolate Hobnob; and the Malted Milk Vs the Custard Cream. Watch the the first round draw for the Biscuit World Cup here. It was all above board with no match fixing involved!

So which biccies do you rate as (tea)cup champions?

Personally we were outraged to see the premature knock-out of clear King of the Biccies, the Ginger Nut, from the runnings, but I guess sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles... *ba-dum-tsh*

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