Oggy Oggy Oggy, Ouya Ouya Ouya!

Oggy Oggy Oggy, Ouya Ouya Ouya!

Living rooms all over the planet best prepare themselves over the next few months, for the arrival of the world’s first ‘fist sized’ games console… ‘Ouya’.

Set to hit shops in March 2013, this console is sure to pack a punch, and has already made a bold entry into the gaming world.

Using the medium of ‘kickstarter.com’, Ouya founder, Julie Uhrman (CEO - Boxer8) asked gaming fans to pledge money for the development of this original concept.

Come deadline day, which was the 9th of August, they had reached 9 times their target amount for the project, eventually reaching an unfathomably huge £5.8 million.

Graphics firm Nvidia will be providing the processor; Android 4.0, enabling the console to play any game written for the Android mobile operating system. As well as this quirk, its owners will be able to tamper with the organs of the system, modifying it to their technical needs and wants.

Despite the exciting prospect of this unique piece of technology, there are some sceptics in the gaming world, many questioning why users would want to play android games on their HD televisions, but at an approximated cost of £60 in the UK, and at the same novelty size of a mango fruit. I, for one, can’t wait for this bad boy to arrive on the market!

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