October Free Tutorials

October Free Tutorials

I find it really annoying when I find freebies that are ‘for a limited time only’, and it’s something we’ve been guilty of with our free tutorials. We’ve had some great feedback about them, and with that in mind we've decided to revamp the way our freebies work.

From now on, our tutorials will stay in our eLearning centre permanently. What we want to create is a permanent library of free lessons for anyone looking to brush up or even learn new skills. That’s right – there’ll be no expiry date so you’ll be able to dip in and out when you like, and every month there’ll be more for you to have a go with.

To celebrate, we’re releasing six new tutorials this week, all taken from our Maya essentials bundle. From Introduction to Maya right through to Lighting and Rendering with Maya, these videos will give you an idea of the sort of detail we go into as well as passing on some handy (well, we like to think so) tips and tricks for getting the most out of Maya.

Our course development team is busy working on some pretty cool new tutorials for you, so watch out for more announcements.  

In full, the six tutorials are:

  • Rustic scene - The key light
  • Lamp animation - Repeating and staging
  • Colloseum- NURBS modelling
  • Head Phones - Polygon modelling and skinning
  • House front - Adding colour and alpha
  • Painting with lights - Fog and glow

How to access the tutorials

That's quite simple. Just login or register for our website, and go to our eLearning centre. You'll find all the free tutorials displayed on the right hand side navigation (as shown on the image above)

We’re always open to suggestions, so if there’s anything you’d like to see in particular, drop us a line.



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Thu 7 Oct 2010: 12:33pm

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  • home health aide:

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  • bilety-exertsuessy:

    Hello everybody, hope to know eachother better in near future :)

  • Dennis Jensen:

    I just looked trough them. But the looks very intereseting.

    I'm doing some tutorials in my spare time my self. So it is great to see the pro's in action ;)



  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hello Stillmistry,

    Please can you explain what problems we are experiencing so that we can help resolve the issues you are having?


  • Fernando Kuhlmann:

    Thanks Escape for this, priceless stuff....
    Escape is simply the best
    Best regards

  • Stillmistry febry:

    I can't see videos...T_T

  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hello Christian,

    Can you please let us know exactly what problems you are experiencing so that we can help you fix them?

    We have not had any other reports of any problems and are finding it difficult to replicate your problem.


  • Christian Schulze:

    videos do not work

  • eugenios:


  • Sabarishwar Rajamanickam:

    Great Stuff Buddy.

  • Babar Zia:

    great stuff and i love the idea to have these tutorial there so we can access whenever we like , well done escape

  • Isabelle Duarté:

    Hi David,

    Your suggestion has been past onto our development team. By the way, do you know that we offer student prices for all our online training? It's 50% off for anyone with a student card.


  • David Dougher:

    I would like to see getting started tutorials in a number of packages - the kind where you introduce people to the software and show them very elementary basics. I am working with a group of high school students that are interested in game design, animation, and movie making. They cannot afford these packages and I would like them to be able to download the introductory packages of Maya, Max, Lightwave and familiarize themselves with the basics. It would be a BIG help to have tutorials to jump start their learning curve.

  • Isabelle Duarté:

    Hi Silvia,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have passed that onto our development team. It is quite a big topic, as you know, but we'll try to figure to figure something out and maybe break it down in more than one tutorial.


  • Francesc Macià:

    Nice, thanks for all!

  • Naim:

    very nice tutorial!

  • Silvia:

    Thank youuuuu!!!

    Great tutorials as always!

    I'm looking for a nice tutorial that shows interaction between Maya and Zbrush with an hi-poly mesh.
    Many thanks again!

  • Typegeek:

    Great stuff! I can't wait to find the time to try out some tutorials. I first learned Maya in an Intro Computer Animation course and just loved it! I don't get to use it much, but I've been a fan since the Alias|Wavefront days.

  • Zakariya Md. Rafiul Haq:

    This is the Escape to the Future that will makes our work better and more productive which required by the high end Clients.

    I am looking for tutorial that improve the quality of my work and increase my skill to do better work faster.

  • Geronimo Hearn:

    I am in awe

  • Isabelle Duarté:

    I am very pleased this seems to be hitting the mark. Please keep your comments coming. I'd love to know what sort of tutorials you are looking for.


  • David Mattock:

    excellent thanks !
    I missed some rendering and shading tutorials before that I wanted to watch but ran out as I had login troubles and missed them, so this is great news!

  • Hans Carrasco:

    thank you so much guys for this! i will spread the word!

  • Chris Wilson:


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