Nvizible create the outstanding CG in Grabbers

Nvizible create the outstanding CG in Grabbers

A film currently bringing an interesting element of humour to cinema screens in Ireland has been described as the heir to the “Shaun of the Dead” throne. This statement may not be far wrong. I won’t lie to you, the plot is a tad mental, but in that great tongue-in-cheek way that makes it the kind of film that will surely cheer you up at the end of a tough week. The film in question is Jon Wright’s Grabbers, and it’s one I hope you’ll all get a chance to see.

Of course our particular interest in this film is the work that UK VFX facility Nvizible provided. The film has been praised for many reasons, but one in particular is the outstanding visual effects. In response to a premiere screening at this year’s Sundance, Total Film reviewed Grabbers as "slimy, booze-soaked monster madness of the best kind. Funny, gory and with some feckin' good CGI. Grand." Interestingly, Nvizible’s part in the making of this film was much more than the horrific CG monsters featured throughout. They also acted as a finance and producing partner. So as the buzz behind the film heightens, I’m sure they are enjoying the great response from audiences so far.

Nvizible opened their doors back in 2009 as an exciting alternative visual effects boutique, with a goal for producing high-end CGI and visual effects for film. A privately held company, Nvizible was formed by its directors to provide greater flexibility, accessibility and creative control to all filmmakers. And with titles such as Skyfall, Frankenweenie and Clash of the Titans as part of their filmography, they’re definitely one of the big names on the VFX scene here in London.

Grabbers will be showing in the UK a few months from now. Keep an eye out. A bit of Irish humour may be just what the doctor ordered.

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