NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla Support in Adobe CS6

NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla Support in Adobe CS6

I’m sure you’re all aware by now that upgrades to Adobe CS6 will be available soon, and with this new version we can all look forward to accelerated performance and interactivity. Yes, now you can feel safe in the knowledge that Adobe Creative Suites now support NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs, opening a whole world of enhanced efficiency for their programmes.

We are all suckers for speed in this world, especially those who dedicate hours a day to generating motion graphics and rendering effects. We strive to achieve real-time rendering, so we can work at the speed of thought, and with each upgrade to the software packages we love, we’re getting closer to that goal.

NVIDIA released a video that shows CS6 with its additional NVIDIA GPU support in action. It’s the making of a music video for a band called Heavy Hand, and one of the members of the band is an NVIDIA employee. Not sure the music is to my taste, but it’s certainly an interested watch. See the demo above in the main image, and you can watch the finished version of the music video here.

And just in case you’ve missed a couple of blog posts, there’s currently a promotion running for CS6 upgrades. Find out more here. This promotion ends soon, so check it out now!

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