NUKE Gets Results at Flipbook Studios

NUKE Gets Results at Flipbook Studios

Flipbook, the Manchester based animation and VFX boutique studio, are celebrating a second year in business this week. Quite literally two years ago to the date (February 8th 2010) they took on their very first job. Since then Flipbook have grown from strength to strength, and look forward to a prosperous future as they make some significant upgrades in the company’s workflow.

When setting up the company Ben Haworth, Creative Director at Flipbook, was keen to continue using the tools most familiar to him. With twelve years experience behind him, keeping Fusion was a no-brainer, and as there wasn no time to learn a new program, Ben didn't contemplate using anything else.

Around that time The Foundry's NUKE was just getting started, and over the last two years it's developed into a compositing tool that far surpasses anything else on the market. For Flipbook, it became more apparent that an upgrade was necessary to keep up to date with the modern pipeline. Fusion was beginning to restrict their involvement on a range of jobs, where sharing flows or scripts were essential to the process. It was also becoming difficult to find skilled Fusion freelancers, as many artists were now focusing their skill base within NUKE.

So with the support of Escape Studios, Flipbook has made the move over to NUKE. Getting to grips with this software has been no easy task, but slowly and surely NUKE is becoming permanently integrated into their workflow, and a more prominent part of their output.

Flipbook’s most recent job was the new Carex advert, which in compositing terms wasn’t a massive stretch, which meant it was a good project to test-drive NUKE. What started with seven comps for a twenty second ad, soon doubled as they were asked to ‘fix in post’ some live action shots. But using NUKE the team were able to comp in the layers from the CGI artists, match the grade of the layers, add reflections back over, grade the shot liquid to be constant throughout the ad, and fix various issues with the live action footage.

The NUKE test-drive at Flipbook continues as they take on another ad over the next couple of weeks, and with some hardcore green screen comping shots to come, Flipbook look forward to seeing NUKE put under a bit more pressure this time!

Flipbook have also been working with some high profile Hollywood names recently. One such project is a short film exec produced by Guillermo Del Toro and directed by acclaimed horror writer Jovanka Vuckovic (also a VFX artist). Flipbook replied to a tweet asking for help from Jovanka and her VFX supervisor Tammy Sutton (who worked on Avatar).

Impressed with the Flipbook showreel they asked them to look after some of the remaining shots. The Flipbook team started with four shots, which later grew to ten, proving their capability at every step. Everyone was really happy with the results, and as soon as the film has finished competing on the festival circuit, they will be able to share their work with you all.

For a company of this size this is a very exciting time, and hopefully they will see much more work offered to them from the other side of the Atlantic.

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  • Danny Evans:

    Congrats Flipbook, its been great working with you and hopefully more to come.

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