NUKE 6.3 is Released

NUKE 6.3 is Released

The Foundry just released NUKE 6.3 and there’s a lot of new stuff in the product. They’ve taken product development in a direction that allows users in all VFX industries to partake in the benefits of the product. NUKE is no longer just built for artists in the film industry, it is built to create highly visual commercials with the functionality that it now has.

With its new 3D Particle system, Planar Tracking, Presets, Audio Scratch Track and speed improvements, users will save time on short form projects (like commercials). And, with its redesigned Spline and Grid Warpers and a brand new Denoise algorithm common compositing tasks will be easier.

Users should be able to get some really good results with the new features in NUKE. I’m sure you’ll be visiting our website for more info and linking over to The Foundry’s site too. Check back here as I’m sure there will be more updates in the near future. NUKE’s always changing.

To read more about this new release of NUKE, click here.

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