Now is When the Real Work Starts…

Now is When the Real Work Starts…

So we have a new class of students for the Visual Effects Production course and I thought I’d quickly run through what this class has been up to recently and where they’re at now in their studies. We are currently on week four and they have just started their first major project after covering the ins and outs of Maya (the industry go-to package in VFX). So far, we have covered modelling, UV’ing, texturing, some lighting and rendering and a bit of Photoshop just to mix it up a bit. To put all they have learnt into practice, they have been asked to create a CG object, integrate it into a backplate and to make it look photo-realistic.

It’s certainly not as easy as it sounds. Being a former student and now a Studio Assistant at Escape Studios, it really puts into perspective how much is taught during this twelve week course and how intensive it can be. These guys look like they are getting along great and we’ll have a look at what they produce in a couple of weeks’ time. I love the photo above, as it shows everyone in this group being really focused on the task they’ve been set, and I’m sure their hard work will pay off. They are certainly in good hands with Gideon Corby, our resident Maya tutor.

I’ll write again soon to give you an update on their progress and the Maya Core project. No pressure guys!

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Brad Collier-Brown
Mon 23 Apr 2012: 1:48pm

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  • DHW:

    I hope you can show some of their end results of their efforts. Good luck guys.

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