November’s Free Tutorial: Confessions of a Junior Compositor

November’s Free Tutorial: Confessions of a Junior Compositor

How does someone go about getting a Junior Compositor role at an international VFX studio like The Mill? Well in this month’s tutorial Simon Richardson reveals how it all started for him. From experimenting with Adobe’s After Effects at University, Simon was introduced to basic keying techniques in a layer based system. And this was when the seed was planted that would flourish into him conquering NUKE, and working at one of the top VFX studios in the world.

Introduced to the concept of green screen at Uni, Simon began learning some keying capabilities within After Effects, which led him on an exciting career path into Compositing. Following a three-month Compositing course here at Escape, time as a Studio Assistant and making the right contacts, Simon landed his dream role at The Mill as a Junior Compositing Artists, working on some of the most recognisable commercials out there.

Revealing his creative background and experience, Simon demonstrates a basic keying technique that harnesses a node-based workflow, offering you an insight into the work that he does. And we feel this is an ideal tutorial for anyone looking to take the first step towards a career in VFX. Access this free tutorial now.

Tutorial Highlights:

  • The motivations to inspire a career in compositing
  • Why Adobe software tools are a great place to start for any CG artist
  • Harnessing skills you already have to further a career in VFX
  • Basic keying technique transferable between After Effects & NUKE
  • Showreel tips for budding Compositors
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