November Free Tutorial: Animate a Bird & Make it Fly (Part 1)

November Free Tutorial: Animate a Bird & Make it Fly  (Part 1)

When I created this tutorial, my number one objective was to ensure that whoever was learning could really use what they create and incorporate it into something that they might already be working on. That’s why this animation tutorial is so substantial and has been separated into two parts! This month, we will use a pre-created rig, which you can buy here and use to explore the mechanics of bird locomation. It costs just $5 and trust me, it’s worth it.

The first part of this tutorial tackles the seemingly complex concept of 'motion', breaking it down into simple and easily digestible sections. You’ll learn everything you need to develop a practical approach to animating a bird in flight. This includes understanding how to use live action reference to a finding a useful rig, animating a flap cycle, and finally putting it in a believable and convincing setting.

Tutorial Breakdown
- How to use and apply live action reference
- Planning animation
- Timing and animating a flap cycle
- Refining the flap cycle

How to Access the Tutorial
Have you registered for our free tutorials before? If so, you go straight in, and access the tutorial here - the system will ask you to sign in though. If not, just register on our site and then access the tutorial here.

Part two of this tutorial will be released in December so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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  • emilio:

    best studio

  • Jennifer Sieck:

    Love you Escape

  • Jennifer Sieck:

    Yeah escape..more tutorials in MAX!!

  • Lemmings Hotline:

    thankyou very much. one question. How would you have the bird first taking off and then flying away?. maybe two different (identical) birds on the same path with two different flap cycles?

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