Nolan selects DoP for next project!

Nolan selects DoP for next project!

One of my favourite film directors, Christopher Nolan, has chosen his new Director of Photography for his next film 'Interstellar' and the name to look out for is Hoyte Van Hoytema, the film is due for release November 2014.

The visuals and aesthetic aspect of Nolan's films are so critical to his storytelling which, in my opinion is how it should be; if a film has a good plot, but the visuals or camerawork are not complimenting the director's vision, it makes an incomplete film, and afterwards, I feel let down or thinking that was simply, okay – and who wants that?

When cinematography and story work well together though, then you have created a masterpiece! When I go to the cinema I want to leave saying “WOW!” and personally, one of the main boxes I need ticked when viewing a film, is that it changes the way I see my environment visually or intellectually, and hopefully Nolan’s next motion picture does just that! 

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Wed 24 Apr 2013: 3:04pm

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