• Nicole Gabriel

Nicole Gabriel


Had you always wanted a career in this industry?

I’ve always loved art so I did an art foundation course and completed my degree in 3D design. I desperately wanted to get in to 3D CG so I learnt AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max and started in architecture doing 3D visualisation.

How did you find out about Escape and what was it like?

I saw an article in the Metro about CG, referring to Escape which was filling the gap in the market for 3D training. I enrolled in the Maya Comprehensive course which was amazing. I had the most talented and patient tutor who could never help enough. It felt so good to be surrounded by like minded 3D individuals.

What happened after the course?

I got a call out of the blue from Escape about work on an animation short from the team which made ‘Valiant’. No sooner had I started character rigging than I was offered work on the outsourcing team in Escape. Towards the end of my tenure I sent out my CV showing the critical industry experience which Escape had given me. It was enough to secure an interview at Criterion/EA games and after completing a 3D project which they set me I got the job.

What are you doing now?

I’m still at EA, two and a half years on, and working on my fourth title. I’ve worked as a World Artist on phenomenal games such as ‘Black’ and ‘Burnout Paradise’ and I love it! I'm even using my old Maya skills in rigging and animation I learnt on the Escape course.

What advice would you give to any prospective students?

The best advice I could ever give anyone is that enthusiasm is key. Positive, passionate, raw enthusiasm is infectious and is very important to potential employers. If you have it then you’ll never give up. Escape will give you the fundamental skills and then it is up to you to make it happen.