Next Hansel & Gretel promises to be 'Pretty Insane'

Next Hansel & Gretel promises to be 'Pretty Insane'

If you caught Hansel and Gretel at the cinema a few months ago, you’ll probably remember it for the imaginative violence, tongue in cheek dialogue and an out of place Jeremy Renner.

It is worth remembering though that with Will Ferrel and Adam McKay as producers, this film was going to be anything but your ordinary take on fairy tale flick, and if the film did tickle your pickle, you’re in for a right treat, as Adam McKay this week spoke about a fresh batch of ideas for the next instalment, and announced that he and Ferrel will be returning as producers.

Talking about the film’s director Tommy Wirkola, McKay said…

“I'm really excited about the second one, because he didn't steer the behemoth off the road on the first. You are going to get to see even more slack on his leash with the second one. He is really going to get to roam free on this. I've already started to hear some of the ideas he is working on, and its pretty insane."

I’m sure I speak to many fans of the first film when I say we’re looking forward to this already!

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