Next Gen Intel CPUs: More power in a smaller box

If you’re like us and have been struggling with the limits of 4-core machines for your CG applications, then you’d be just as excited about Intel's Next Generation CPU 6-core 32nm processors. They are probably the biggest advancement in CPU cores for over two years.

It has been a while since we’ve seen major advances in CPUs. Granted, there have been some architectural changes and increases in speed over the years, but 4-cores have been the limit of CPUs for the last 2 years. So when the new technology was released in March, we were quite excited.

It basically means that a workstation with 6 cores will now handle up to 12 cores. Hyper-threaded applications with a dual processor version will move up 24 cores - that is a lot more power in a significantly smaller package. Not bad. The processors are built on Intel’s Westmere architecture which means you'll be saving power compared to older 45nm products. So you are not just getting performance but also saving energy, which is always a bonus and will contribute to saving the planet.

All in all, this is good news for CG applications. You get better performance, significantly faster rendering, use less energy and take up less room. For more info, get in touch.

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Mark Cass
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