New Year's Resolution

It's that time of year when everybody makes a multitude of New Year's resolutions. I am of the opinion that they are not worth doing unless you are going to stick to them. Having said that, we have actually decided to start the year with a resolution. It’s a fairly simple one: we are resolute in our wish to give you more of the free tutorials that you want. There you are, I told you it would be an easy one.

Now, this is the part where we need your help… In order to do that, we actually need you to tell us what topics you want us to do free tutorials about. We already have loads of new ones lined up for the coming months but if there are specific topics that you would like us to cover, then tell us.

Making sure we stick to this resolution means that you'll have to let us know what skills you need to make it as a professional artist. Maybe there's a topic in ZBrush that you don't quite get or a tool in Maya which you can't quite get your head around.  What about bringing fluids to life or creating the ultimate VFX smoke and fire scene? Our free tutorials are created to help you learn so take this opportunity to gain as many extra skills as possible.

Now that we've made our part of the bargain, we're hoping that you'll keep yours, just reply to this post with all of your suggestions.  No matter how silly - we want to hear them!

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Isabelle Duarte
Fri 7 Jan 2011: 4:43pm

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  • Greg C:

    Hi Isabelle,

    I'd really like to see an online course geared towards the work an FX TD/FX Artist does.


  • ricardo viana:

    here are some i would like to watch:
    -dynamics smoke and fire.
    -intro on renderman for maya.
    -one thing i really would appreciate is info on vfx pipeline. How big studios manage data and files, what are generalist, lighter, matchmover, etc, roles in this pipeline and what do they need to know. For instance, does a generalist needs to know everything?? really??


  • Isabelle Duarté:

    Hi Joe, Hi Paul,

    Thanks for all your suggestions. This is exactly the sort of feedback we are after. Keep it coming!


  • Paul:

    Hi, I'd love to see some character/creature TD stuff maybe, working with maya muscle, fur and even ncloth. This is such an interesting area of the industry that I'm finding hard to find good tuition.

    Also would maybe like to see more renderman, lee's first class was great. Other topics I can think of.. maya fluids, mel/python scripting, mari and pfmatchit... ;-) Hope this helps!

  • joao:

    A Maya dynamics/vfx online course will be amazing.

    I bought almost all onlice courses that you have, I will love one covering dynamics.

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