NEW Webinar: Painting a Picture of Compositing

To get a real good grasp of compositing and the discipline that surrounds it, there’s no better way than seeing the process in action for yourself. And if this is something that sounds right up your street, the only other thing to add is that your guide for this comp session is none other than NUKE devout, Simon Richardson.

On April 18th, Simon will join us for an insightful look into the disciplines behind compositing for visual effects. Taking a shot from his own showreel, Simon will reconstruct the scene to show you how he went about blending live action and 3D assets to create a seamless VFX sequence. Taking the 3D model of a crane produced by Max Woodhead (fellow student here at Escape), Simon composited a shot that’s now getting him very positive attention from recruiters.

To see how it’s done, join Simon for this webinar coming soon… Register here!

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Ellen Payne
Thu 21 Mar 2013: 5:48pm

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