New Way to Sculpt and Model with 3D-Coat

New Way to Sculpt and Model with 3D-Coat

It’s not often that I come across a new product that shows me a completely different way of working… We’ve been checking out 3D-Coat and have come to the conclusion that it might just provide something quite special in terms of modelling and sculpting.

3D-Coat is a new addition to the Escape Studios Techstore range and uses a clever curve manipulation system called voxel technology. It basically changes the traditional way artists do their work by allowing them to sculpt and model without worrying about polygons and edge flow, topology or the geometry of an object when they create new models.

If you do a lot of modelling and are looking for a different way to create objects, then you should take a look at 3D-Coat.

There are plenty of other advantages to this product, all of which you can find here, along with tutorials and videos.

If you’d like to test it for yourself with a 30-day trial, get in touch.

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