New versions of MARI 1.2, NUKE 6.1v4 & NUKE 6.2v2 Out Now!

New versions of MARI 1.2, NUKE 6.1v4 & NUKE 6.2v2 Out Now!

The Foundry team have been hard at work, announcing three new releases in as many days. There are some new cool features added to MARI to improve its 3D texture painting capability, and NUKE has loads of feature enhancements and fixes worth checking out. Here is a summary of what you can expect from the new releases:

- The latest version of Mari incorporates Python 2.6.5 with an integrated script editor and more examples of real production tasks. Check out what’s new in Mari 2.1 here.

- NUKE and NUKEX 6.1v4 is a maintenance release with an updated Furnacore and a significantly faster multi-view EXR. Check out the full update in the release notes.

- NUKE and NUKEX 6.2v2 has several bug fixes and Quicktime codecs are now configurable. More info can be found here.

There is also a new Foundry Vimeo channel with NUKE customer demos and NUKE tutorials for you to check out.

All new versions are free to customers on a valid maintenance. If you want to give NUKE or MARI a try yourself, get in touch for a free trial.

There will be a more detailed look at the new MARI features in the coming days, where Simon will share his thoughts on the new version, so stay tuned.

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