New Skillset Bursaries Available for Escape Studios Training

New Skillset Bursaries Available for Escape Studios Training

Skillset have recently announced a new funding scheme which will allow individuals working in the UK film industry to apply for a bursary towards various types of training.  The scheme is aimed at increasing the high-end visual effects skills within the film industry so individuals who want to get additional training under this new funding can identify a course or a training provider that meets his or her needs and apply for bursary from Skillset.

If you are a freelancer you can apply for up to 80% of the combined fees, travel and accommodation costs of your training, up to a maximum of £1,000. If you are employed you may apply for up to 50% of the combined costs, up to a maximum of £700.

Full details of the scheme and eligibility can be found on the Skillset website here.

The funding priorities are relatively flexible, for example you could consider one of our online courses such and Nuke for 3D Artists or Camera Tracking for VFX.  It's also possible for applicants to receive funding for bespoke or one-to-one training courses. So if you are eligible and can identify an area you would like to be trained on, then we could provide bespoke training to fit your needs. The best way to for you to find out more about this is to get in touch with us. Let us know what you are a looking for and we'll let you know if this is something we can help with.

Get in touch with myself or anyone else in the training team here if you would like to find out more.




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