New Relationship Manager at Escape Studios

New Relationship Manager at Escape Studios

There have been some exciting changes at Escape Studios recently, and with that we are very pleased to welcome our new Relationship Manager, Anita Gribble. In this role Anita will have two main responsibilities. One is to work closely with post houses up and down the country to continue building on the industry coaching scheme we currently have for our full-time students. As well as this she will be helping to maintain our relationship with recruiters at a variety of post houses to further benefit our students.

The second is to be the contact for our students when they finish their course, helping them develop new project ideas, polish and get their showreels ready for job applications. So if you’re reading this, have just finished a course and are working on your showreel, Anita is the person you need to get in touch with here at Escape.

For us, Anita is the perfect person for this position. Her passion for art and film began at an early age. After studying Fine Art in Montreal and the History of Theatre & Film in Vancouver, she moved to London where she hoped to find a way to marry her two passions. During this time she worked a variety of jobs involving set building for stop motion film projects, learning non-linear editing, 3D animation and later took the role of VFX Assistant at Peerless Camera Company. At Peerless, Anita worked on feature films including Tomb Raider, Vertical Limit, Enemy at the Gates and Puckoon. After this, Anita moved into film production for several design studios and agencies where she hand-selected talent for projects and managed clients.

The role of Relationship Manager for Escape is no doubt going to be a hectic one, but we know Anita is a perfect fit for the challenge as she reaches out to leading post companies and escapees alike - maintaining those all-important relationships while also nurturing the new talent of tomorrow.

If you would like to contact Anita please make sure to get in touch. Escapees don’t need to battle with their showreels alone!

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