New online courses for Maya users

We’ve got a couple of exciting new online CG courses coming up for slightly more experienced CG artists.

The VFX: Advanced Lighting and VFX: Advanced Shading modules are aimed at people with a bit of Maya knowledge, having completed the Maya Core online learning program. Derived from our world famous VFX classroom courses, these courses are ideal for shading and lighting professionals looking to expand their skills and take their career to the next level.

Slightly longer than our usual online courses to reflect the added detail, the courses allow people to work at their own pace, without impacting the quality of the teaching. They’ve been created by the same guys that create and teach our classroom courses, so you’re guaranteed our highest standards.

The VFX: Advanced Lighting course combines both production level tutorials with artist and technical perspective explanations, covering lighting theory, the art of lighting, night and artificial lighting, image based lighting, photographic lighting and gobos and cookies.

The VFX: Advanced Shading is the perfect partner to the lighting course, helping people to build realistic shading networks and teaching them how to use utility nodes to create rendering effects. It also contains 12 different Maya scenes.

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Fri 9 Oct 2009: 12:18pm

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