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Fans of French Electro Duo ‘Justice’ will be content this week as they release the adrenalin fuelled, VFX heavy video for their latest single ‘New Lands’. A brainchild of the bands work with production company ‘CANADA’, this video depicts a violent futuristic combination of American football and baseball, (with some motorbikes thrown in for good measure) VFX company Glassworks Barcelona bring the video to life, with sequences that match, and at some points, (speaking subjectively of course) exceed the excitement of the song.

The 2D team worked tirelessly, through unwanted rain and with minimal extras, meticulously removing the rain from shots and multiplying extras, to eventually fill the final stadium with a near entirely rotoscoped CGI crowd. Those into their VFX will understand the precision and patience required in such a process, but If you’re without knowledge regarding such wizardry, watch the ‘making of’ video here, to understand the scale of the operation and the importance of VFX, in making this music video the action packed three and a half minutes it is!

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