New: Key Compositing Concepts Webinar

New: Key Compositing Concepts Webinar

There are some key compositing concepts that every artist just starting out in the industry should know about. That’s why I have decided to put this webinar together. I will walk you through those concepts, concentrating on a shot that involves Roto, Paint and Rig removal. This is something that I cover in great detail in the Compositing for Production Course that I teach at Escape Studios. I teach about all the techniques that our students will be required to use when they get a job in the industry. This practical knowledge is essential and my aim for this webinar is to give you a taste of these techniques helping you to stand apart from the competition.

I’ll also be talking about what you should aim to include on your showreel – the dos and don’ts which all artists should be aware of. The webinar takes place on August 18th and is free to attend - you can find out more or sign up to it by clicking here.

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