New Escapee Graduate Showreels Go Live!

New Escapee Graduate Showreels Go Live!

We have just updated three of our graduate showreels here.

This works comes from the 18 Week Visual Effects Professional course, the 12 Week Visual Effects Production course and from the 6 week point of Maya Core.  There's some great work here and we're really proud of what these guys have been able to achieve in such a short period of time.

I really like the dynamic nature of Phil's road shot and Nick's St. Paul's shot has already landed him a job at MPC. From the the VFX Production reel Chris' Ferris Wheel really stands out and this piece of work landed him one of only two places on Cinesite's Inspire Internship program earlier this year. There's some really strong Maya Core work as well and all of these demonstrate the level of realism we look for people to strive for in their work - but in particular I think you'll agree Robert's camera is a really beautiful object, very well executed.

Hopefully you can see how well these demonstrate the core skills required to work as a junior in the visual effects industry and we would be very interested to hear your comments.

More new work coming soon!

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