MPC work their magic in epic new Samsung ad!

MPC work their magic in epic new Samsung ad!

The ad above created by MPC, is one of the most epic of the year so far. From a herd of wildebeest, to a T-Rex, to an explosive alien invasion, this one and a half minute clip, set in an empty city, shows a laid back viewer in control of this multiverse, and being rather apathetic to the radical changes occurring around him.

The Ad is to promote the newest member of the Samsung visual family, a television which features voice recognition and motion sensors.

Director Adam Berg commented on the project… “I had the pleasure of working with MPC on the very VFX heavy ‘King Of TV’ and it was a great experience. It was never going to be an easy job and there was no frame in the film that was not worked on in some capacity and the end result looks great, looking forward to our next collaboration.”

What’s also awesome is that most of the VFX work on this ad was completed in London!

The team involved in the project had to shoot a heard of wildebeest on a green screen, the T-Rex was sculpted in 3D using ZBrush, the racing cars were shot on camera and the cars themselves were driven by actual racing car drivers, the bear was a puppet (naturally anthropomorphised in post) and the mothership and alien space crafts were fully produced in 2D and Maya, with MPC’s element library being utilised to add the smoke and flame effects. There was a hell of a lot going on over the course of creating this bad boy, head on over to MPC’s website for more information on the project!

Take a look, it truly shows the power of VFX when skills are enhanced!

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