MPC Class Trip

MPC Class Trip

Friday the 5th of October was marked with red in almost everybody’s calendar for the day our class (Compositing for Production) would visit MPC (Moving Picture Company), for a breakdown of our roto work.

As you may or may not know rotoscoping (or roto in short) is one of the disciplines in Visual Effects that involves cutting out people or objects from film plates. Nowadays this is mostly done digitally, and involves a lot of “moving points around”. Roto is one of the disciplines a compositor has to learn as it is used in almost every composite. And as it turns out, it’s the first thing you learn when starting the compositing course here at Escape Studios.

The whole class met up at the Pret a Manger on Oxford Street early that morning. I could see many sleepy eyes around me, and I’m sure Pret did good business from us. Even though most were sleepy everyone was excited to get their work reviewed by MPC, one of the biggest post houses in London.

When we arrived at MPC I was astounded by the magnificence of the building and the interior. We were called upstairs and followed their recruitment lady through the building to the screening room. Of course everybody hoped to catch a glimpse of what the MPC artists were working on, but sadly their monitors were well concealed from view. Taking our seats in the screening room, the lights went out and the projector lit up…

The Head of 2D, Head of Paint/Prep and the MPC Recruitment lady gave a brief introduction on the Company and what they would expect from us when applying for a job. Then they started reviewing our work. The atmosphere was relaxed and they took a good amount of time reviewing each roto shot. The review was pixel-accurate and very honest. Everybody got advise on how (or how not) to continue their shot and how much time MPC would bid for their shot. Clearly we all didn’t meet the brief and didn’t finish in time, but speed and accuracy will come with practice. But they gave us some great pointers and showed us some best-practices which was really cool!

On behalf of my class I would like to thank MPC for taking so much precious time to review our work and give us improvement advice. We know they are very busy and we were truly thankful for the time they took. The visit was great!

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