Motionographer: Inspiration for Your VFX Work

Motionographer: Inspiration for Your VFX Work

Some of you may already know this, but here is an incredibly useful website called Motionographer which I actually check daily.

This acts as a great source of inspiration to me when I am planning my own VFX projects. It also allows me to check out what great things other people are working on around the world.

It has been instrumental in helping creatives around the world gain awareness of directors - businesses like Daniels have used it to great effect when publicising their work, which you can check out at the top of this page or by clicking here

Motionographer is basically a great place to start for anyone searching for new creative ideas or inspiration for VFX showreels.

If you want more advice on what to put in your showreels, why not check out the Free Stuff section of our website? Just follow this link, sign in or register, and then check out the "Recruitment Tools" section.

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