More VFX Wizardry from Framestore with Harry Potter

More VFX Wizardry from Framestore with Harry Potter

Here I am, sat in the airport with some time to kill – so I start reading the papers and the front pages are all covered with reviews of last night’s premiere of Harry Potter (The Deathly Hallows Part 1) in London. That’s lucky, because I really like Harry Potter and I am quite looking forward to seeing the film.

So I set about reading the stories with a cup of coffee. I was expecting to see the usual rave reviews, but was quite surprised to hear how divided people seem to be about this latest ‘episode’. Everyone is in agreement that this is another tour de force in terms of visual effects and pizzazz – ‘chapeau’ to the team at Framestore, looks like they really pull out all the stops on this one – but some reviewers are not so sure about the dark and violent tone of the story. The Times’ reviewer in particular argues that this is not the sort of film that you would want a five year old to see. I am puzzled by this comment, as I never actually thought that this would be the target audience for it anyway. We all know that this is squarely aimed at teens. Yes, I agree that previous films were more ‘gentle’ but the faithful followers of this franchise will have grown older at the same time and will be expecting something more, well ‘grown up’.

But enough about the reviews! What I am truly excited about is the prospect of getting a ‘behind the scenes’ look at all the wizardry behind the fabulous CG in this film. Christian Manz, the VFX Supervisor at Framestore, is due to come and talk to our students about the making of Harry Potter later this month, and this is going to be a real treat for us.

All I have to do now is find time in the coming days to watch the film – shouldn’t be too much hardship ;-)

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