More more Jurassic Park 4!

More more Jurassic Park 4!

Those who follow our blog will have had their whistle whetted by our recent post about the progress of Jurassic Park 4, as well as last week’s ‘Lee’s App of the Week’, which we bet increased your thirst for Dinosaur action by a fair amount!

Well today we hear fresh from the rumour mill, that Universal have set aside a location for filming… Naturally begging the question, is everything is coming together under the radar?

It has been heard through the grapevine (well from New Orleans’ The Times Picayune) that Universal has reserved Raleigh Studios from April through to November this year. Universal have used that location for shooting some of their most recent blockbusters giving us fair reason to speculate that this could be the new ‘Park’.

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Thu 14 Mar 2013: 11:29am

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