Monsters vs Aliens: mixed bag

I watched Dreamworks newest animation feature, "Monsters vs Aliens" recently and found it to be both truly amazing and really bad. Some bits of animation were brilliant, funny and a joy to watch (such as the cracking the computer code dance scene), while others were disappointing (like the General's entrance and a lot of his dialogue). I felt that the story was just above average. Not bad and not brilliant.

The stylized design was again sometimes brilliant and sometimes seemed too toy like. The mix of hyper stylization and the photo real textures didn't always mix well in my opinion. The character design followed along the same lines. Some of the characters, like Bob, were brilliant. While others like the president were disturbing.

I think my biggest beef with the character rigs was that they allowed for far too much squash and stretch in the skulls, which allowed the top teeth to move around too much while speaking, which made them look almost detached. I watched the film in 3D and found the 3D effect to be both effective and gimmicky. It did make the film pop more and add to the textures and general feel of the film, but then they ruined it by employing just cheesy 3D gimmicks like the paddle ball being hit right towards camera. If they had simply left it as an added feature and enhancement to the camera rather than feel like they needed to use it to scream "HEY LOOK IT's 3D", it would have been much more effective in my opinion.


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Fri 19 Jun 2009: 9:14am

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