Monsters & Legends - Nothing like a bit of cryptozoology!

Monsters & Legends - Nothing like a bit of cryptozoology!

As every grown up kid knows, good children's books are a pleasure, and appeal as much to the adults reading it as they do to the kids.

The general rule for me is that the better the illustrations the more engrossing the book, and this one hits the nail on the head, ‘Monsters and Legends’ is described as a ‘magic of reality’ book and within it's pages explores the wealth of possibilities that come with decorating a book on cryptozoology – in short, the visuals look fantastic.

I'll be heading out to buy this one from a real book shop to complete the old school adventure.

Even with iPads, tablets and smart phones a plenty, there is still something special about exploring real books like this with your kids.

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Dom Davenport
Tue 30 Apr 2013: 9:51am

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