Mixing it up with a mocha Pro V3 Mini-Series

Ever since our event over at Framestore last week we have huge demand for additional information on Imagineer Systems mocha Pro V3.

With hit movies like Prometheus, Wanderlust and Dark Shadows using mocha Pro we wanted to celebrate the success of mocha Pro V3 (see their customer showreel at the top of the page). To do so Imagineer Systems have given us access to some incredible tutorial videos.

What we’ve done is create a little mini-series to get you involved and up-to-speed with mocha Pro.

Here is the first of four videos; one will be posted each week to keep you coming back for more!

And for those of you that were at the event last week the photos are available on our Facebook, Google + and Flickr, if you aren’t friends with or following us then now is a good time to start!!

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Tim Flett
Thu 7 Jun 2012: 12:30pm

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