Mirror Worlds Technologies to host Fashion and Games Jam.

Mirror Worlds Technologies to host Fashion and Games Jam.

STAM Museum Belgium is playing host to a fantastically innovative event on the 4th of December, as iDROPS bring together the two seismic forces that are the Fashion and gaming industries! 

The event, designed to attract fashion industry entrepreneurs, games developers, games designers, as well as fashion and games students, intends to promote collaboration between talented professionals from different segments of the aforementioned realms, giving them the opportunity to go forth, hand in hand into unexplored territories.

The Jam has been designed for both sets of participants to delve into each other’s economic interests with the intention of finding some common ground, it is suggested by the organisers that…

‘Games after all, can be used to launch new fashion collections. They can be used for innovative marketing strategies, as well as for creating loyalty and engagement with customers and fans of fashion brands. Conversely a fashion designer can give his/her creativity free rein in the digital world, without having to take the physical requirements and limitations or cost of fabric into account’

The event promises to be a success, and those who can’t make it, fear not! There will be a 2 day Fashion and Games Lab follow up event, taking place in London during April 2013, keep your eyes peeled for further information!

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