Mentored Courses Students Tell All

The students on our Mentored Courses have been talking to us about their experiences through out their study with us and we thought we'd share their feedback with you. 

First off is Joseph Carvalko - who is studying the VFX Mentored Course. His feedback was pretty straight forward, he absolutely loves it!. Here's what he said: "The material presented each week is substantial (especially for someone who works fulltime and has teenagers!) but as long as I set aside time each day, I can make it work. And, I'd rather have too much than too little. Each concept is covered in enough depth so I won't feel threatened about moving on and learning additional concepts after the course. I really love learning VFX, it's something I've always wanted to do, I but could never make it to Escape Studios in London, so the online mentored course is just perfect."

Max Wuehrer, who is also studying our VFX Mentored Course told us: 'The course works perfectly for me. Every week I am able to arrange the time I spend on the weekly assignment in any way that I want. My tutor and classmates are able to answer all of my questions almost 24/7 - so I am always able to finish the assignments on time'.

At Escape, we've done our absolute best to ensure that studying online is a completely interactive experience - knowing who your classmates are and who you can count on for support is just as important as the subjects being studied.

Max told us "It's no surprise that the progress we are all making in this class is tremendous - all of us chat about the positive outcomes of the weekly assignments - it's great."

It you'd like to find out more about our Mentored Courses - get in touch.  Or, if you'd like to sign up to one of our One-2-One Mentored Tours, you can do so here.

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