Memories of Digital Media World...

Memories of Digital Media World...

I had an email reminder today that Siggraph is less than two weeks away. It got me thinking about travel and how many of us probably miss the good old days when we would all go to Siggraph on our annual trip. These days, we are not only too busy, it's also harder to justify when all the information we could only find in trade shows is now available at our finger tips on the Internet. 

For some reason 'Digital Media World' popped into my head. Is anyone old enough to remember DMW? It was THE show to be at in Europe and was held in London every November. It was the trade show part of an awards ceremony called LEAF. I did a quick Google search, but couldn't actually find any links to DMW that I could point you towards - it's obviously that long ago!

LEAF (London Effects and Animation Festival) was a three-day event celebrating the best upcoming work in 'computer-generated animation and special effects'. LEAF was recognized as one of the most important events in the animation calendar, showcasing and promoting the skills and services of companies and individuals involved in the creative development of visual effects and computer-generated animation. 

The point of this blog is that I think it's a crime that the UK does not have a major trade show and awards event like this anymore. We shouldn't really have to to fly out to FMX or Siggraph! That's my rant over. It would be great to hear from anyone who, like me, is old enough to remember the DMW/LEAF days.

I'm sure Andy Lomas of The Foundry will remember those days, as I remember him picking up a LEAF award in 2000!

Oh, by the way, can you see the Discreet booth in the picture?!...

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Mark Cass
Thu 28 Jul 2011: 11:12am

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  • Marc K:

    I remember digital media world VERY well. Not least because i used to work for the Leapfrog/Digimation and we used to have stands there every year. They were great fun, but when i finally made it to Siggraph, i realised just how crappy DMW was. It was tiny. It would fit in Siggraphs catering section. Either way, good times.

  • David:

    Thanks, Mark

    A friend recently posted a link to LIAF at The Barbican and DMW & LEAF came flooding back. A very great shame they disappeared, probably owing in part to Digital Arts Festival muscling in on exactly the same days in 2002 and confusing the space. I think I recall Advanstar getting concerned that Nick Mannins at Discreet and folk from SoftImage may not show in future.

    You're right - we need a local event, the moreso now that there is so much young local talent that is probably unaware of the opportunities that shindigs like these generate.


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