Mega Cities made easy with CityEngine

Mega Cities made easy with CityEngine

Constructing a whole city spread out over 385 square kilometres in just 4 weeks seems like a tall order. Base Productions faced this very dilemma when creating 6 CGI sequences for National Geographic's Mega Cities, to create the large Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung. They managed to get around it by using CityEngine to procedurally generate buildings, and only concentrate on a few hero buildings to recreate the huge city. You can check out the opening sequence to see the final result, and although the buildings aren’t very detailed, it gives you a great feel for the density of the city and its size.

It’s pretty easy to see how being able to import real-world street data directly from can help create a realistic city and save loads of time when building a city from scratch. There are new improvements in CityEngine 2010.3 , which are worth nothing. You can now directly export to e-on software’s Vue. There are also new tools for massing and urban design, and long-awaited terrain editing and exporting functionalities. The new export capabilities mean you can integrate your work into any production pipeline, and export directly into any industry standard 3D applications. Not a bad way to get around manual city building. You can check out a full list of the new features here.

To read the full story on Mega Cities, check out Procedural's website.

If you want to trial it out for yourself with a free evaluation copy, get in touch.

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