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Maxwell Smith

Matchmove Artist - Framestore

The Tutors at Escape are Masters of their Craft

When Maxwell Smith finished his university course, there were two things he was absolutely sure about. One, he wanted to work in the VFX industry. And two, he didn’t have the right skills to secure a position. So Max decided to do something about it and started looking for courses that wouldn’t just nurture his creativity and improve his technical skills but also help him find a job in the industry. Lots and lots of research followed and eventually it lead him here, to Escape Studios.

Max quickly enrolled on a VFX course with us and soon got into the swing of things. “The course itself was fantastic. It was everything I thought it would be, and more. Not only did my technical skills improve dramatically but it also gave me an understanding of the type of pipeline used within the industry. The tutors really are masters of their craft”.

The pace of the course shocked him a little to begin with and he realised that he’d need to put lots of work in to get the most out of what he was being taught. “The studios are open in the evening which is great for the students – the majority of us stayed behind after class to perfect what we’d learned in the day.”

Max’s admiration for his tutors was repaid, and they also spoke very highly of him. So much so that he was offered the position of Studio Assistant at Escape Studios at the end of this course, and set about helping fellow students finish their projects.

“Studying at Escape was an amazing experience and to be asked to work for them was an incredible opportunity. It gave my career such a head-start. Helping students on their projects was a great way of continually building my skills and knowledge of programmes such as Maya, PFtrack, NUKE, ZBrush and Photoshop. Perfecting these skills enabled me to work on my showreel which I then sent out to the post houses”.

Within a week of Max completing his showreel, our Recruitment Team had secured Max an interview at Framestore. “I was offered a job to work there as a tracker on a big release film of 2012. Thanks to the Escape Recruitment Team, my passion has now become a reality”.

“I just can’t wait to see my name in my first set of credits!”