Massive Savings on NUKE and MARI

Massive Savings on NUKE and MARI

Most compositors out there want to be using NUKE, and those who are would love to be using NUKEX. Now's the time to update your workflow and take advantage of these special promotions by The Foundry for their award winning NUKEX and MARI products.

Upgrade your NUKE to NUKEX and add MARI to your workflow.

The NUKE to MARI Bridge allows compositing artists to directly address common and time-consuming challenges faced when using 3D projection techniques to build digital environments:

  • Manage reference photography and paint seamless 3D projections.
  • Easily fix warping and stretching artifacts.
  • In-paint holes and occluded areas, often exposed from adjusted camera views.
  • Remove unwanted markers and scene objects.
  • Build invisible set-extensions.

Simple to setup, quick and easy to use - models, projections and images are sent from NUKE to MARI and back in a single step, or over a network when artists need to collaborate, share skills or save time.

Seamless results, intuitive painting.

NB: Your NUKEX maintenance renewal date will be aligned with your existing contract.

This bundle provides the works.

All the benefits of NUKEX, the NUKE to MARI workflow and much more...

NUKEX, MARI + full FURNACE + 2 NUKE RENDER NODES (including 1 year maintenance for all licenses).

Full FURNACE on NUKEX has 24 additional tools including the brilliant: DirtRemoval for clean up work, ColourMatte to help pull a key on a non-green screen, Texture generation tools and additional DeFlicker technology. All handy, time-saving problem solvers.

For examples of FURNACE in action click here.

Escape Studios in conjunction with The Foundry will also be offering free tutorial events in London, Manchester and Newcastle over the next two months to get you and your teams updated with NUKEX and MARI. Come and translate your skills and techniques across to the latest generation compositing and texture painting tools, and take your shots to the next level.

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