Massive Discount on Motion Synthesis Software, Endorphin 2.7

Massive Discount on Motion Synthesis Software, Endorphin 2.7

Great news for all you animators out there, Escape Studios and Natural Motion are teaming up to bring you an incredible promotion on endorphin 2.7. Here's the deal: you can save up to 90% on this software if you buy before February 14th, 2012.

Many artists agree that endorphin is the industry’s answer to animating difficult action scenes in VFX or game development. Endorphin is integrated with a standard industry pipeline and lets you combine existing animation assets with fully simulated motion synthesis for creating virtual stuntmen.

Endorphin 2.7 is a good tool to reach for when keyframing or motion capture have kind of reached their limits. You can save yourself loads of time by getting it to do the hard work for you, and use it to simulate realistic movement and behaviour in a wide range of shot.

So for example, you can construct movements for custom creatures or characters, change their shape and also manipulate their behaviour with pretty realistic results. The list of all that can be achieved with this animation technology is quite extensive, and because it’s easily integrated with other 3D software applications like Softimage, Maya, Shake and Flame it's actually quite a compelling solution.

Over the next couple of weeks we're going to be running an exclusive endorphin promo, which means you'll be able to get your hands on version 2.7 for just £999. 

For a great example of endorphin in action take a look at the Guinness ‘Music Machine’ commercial from 2007 at the top of this page, where you’ll find a perfectly synchronised sequence between VFX, live action filming and music. The Mill, who put this brilliant ad together, were able to take footage of three stuntmen and generate realistic character animations for hundreds of acrobats surging through a pint of Guinness. Neat!

To take advantage of this limited offer, please get in touch with us directly.

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