Marvelous Designer - A New Tool To Solve CG Cloth Issues

Marvelous Designer - A New Tool To Solve CG Cloth Issues

Here is a very interesting new bit af kit to address the problem of CG cloth. It's called Marvelous Designer.

Creating CG cloth has always been a slow and difficult process which doesn't always get realistic results.

This software solution seems to address the problem quite well. It enables clothing designers to properly make CG clothes from real world dress patterns. This will allow the cloth to hang more naturally/realistically as can be seen in the demo videos.

The original incarnation of Maya Cloth (before nCloth) approached the problem in this way (see Stuart Little)... It had speed and stability issues hence the faster more integrated nCloth.

This new tool seems fast and very interactive, which will obviously speed up the production of any cloth sims.

The only potential major drawback for use in production (although could live with it) would be the limit of only being able to output obj sequences from it....not best. FBX may have been a better chioce to export animation data to other apps.

As always, looks great in a demo but would be interesting to see how it holds up in a serious produciton pipeline.

You can download it here.

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mark spevick
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  • puja:

    wow !!! amazing work!!!

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