Marmalade sandwich anyone?

Marmalade sandwich anyone?

I am destined to never grow up and quite frankly I refuse to see why I can’t stay immature for my entire life. I loved every single aspect of my childhood but the most memorable things for me were TV shows. Saturday mornings you would find me virtually attached to the TV for cartoon after cartoon. And another thing you should know is that I have a penchant for all things a little kitsch and retro. So if you combine these two elements you will understand why it is not possible for me to contain my excitement, especially after hearing this news.

It was announced last week that David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter films, will be working with French film production and distribution company StudioCanal to create a CG/live action adaptation of Paddington Bear, the treasured children’s character,  set for release in 2014.

Originally Paddington Bear, for those who remember, was a stop-motion puppet in a paper cut out world who bumbled himself into a variety of chaotic situations. The books alone have sold 35 million copies and have been sold into over 40 languages. Paddington holds a place in the hearts of many and for me represents an amazing British TV show.  It characterises how us Brits are seen around the world and it encapsulates it down to the smallest details. It is charming, beautifully cringe worthy and perfect children’s television.

Tell me that you can watch this clip without cracking even just a little smile…

David Heyman has such a perfect way of portraying British literary work onto the big screen I will be waiting on the edge of my seat, wellies and duffle jacket on, tucking into some Marmalade sandwiches. 

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