Mark Spevick VS. Indiana Jones... Bridge

Mark Spevick VS. Indiana Jones... Bridge

Don’t you all just love it when our resident VFX tutor Mark Spevick shares his knowledge with us? And don’t you just love watching, with bated breath, Indiana Jones conquering new feats as he crosses a rope bridge that appears to be on it’s last tethers above a dangerous gorge? And of course we know you'll just love to know that we've put the two together.

In this month's free tutorial, Mark covers how to make a rope bridge, much like the ones in Indiana Jones, but from the safety of your homes with the recent version of Maya, Maya 2013. Among the latest installments for Maya include enhancements to nDynamics, with the introduction of nHair, a tool that lets you create more realistic hair and other curve-based actions. This is the tool that allows Mark to recreate a rope bridge, so it resembels the texture and elasticity of rope accurately. For those of you who are ready to face the rickety bridge (metaphor) of VFX, Mark will also be demonstrating nCloth, and Maya's very own nucleus system. But this tutorial is not for faint hearted, as in the second half it will require some previous knowledge of Maya's hair system. 

This tutorial will also explore:

  • An insight into the advantages of Maya's nucleus system
  • nHair in Maya 2013 and what it can do for your projects
  • How to manipulate curve spans for constraining and accurate deformation
  • More efficient interaction between nCloth and nHair using the nucleus system

Covering the beginning stages of creating a model, to adjusting the properties of hair for a more refined simulation, you can definitely gain some new skills from this tutorial, for all the projects you may be working on.

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